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Trading & Logistics Services

Financing and facilitating the execution of international trading transactions for companies that, due to organizational, financial or technical reasons cannot handle such transactions on their own.
In this context Siderfer acts as Principal covering the full range of activities such as contract analysis and stipulation, logistics arrangements, inland and sea transportation, trade financing, marine insurance, credit risk insurance and stock consignments on behalf of its clients, with full transparency, for a mutually agreed fee.
Corporate Services

Small and medium-size manufacturing companies are typically focused on their main goals - products and services - while  they are usually not familiar with the fundamentals, the instruments and the various techniques required in the international trading, often overlooking that a flowless trading transaction can only be achieved through the efficient management of such instruments.

Capitalizing on its long experience in the physical trading, Siderfer offers its services to small and medium-size enterprises at a variable cost, that can be measured on the activity to be performed or the expected economic results of each transaction, as it may be mutually agreed upon with its clients, on a case-by-case basis.

Trade Financing Solutions

Corporate advice and follow up of on commercial contracts and special agreements for international trading transactions. 

Set-up of limited risk and bankable trading transactions, documentary or stand-by Letters of Credit, Bank Guarantees, receivables discounting, currency hedging, risk management, inventory deposit agreements, agency agreements, product off-take agreements. ‚Äč